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July 30, 2017 by bussie
Hi there,

today i've installed Tiles (should have done this much sooner, nice program!).

I'm wondering: where are the settings of Tiles saved?

I would like to take this in my daily backup.


September 4, 2006 by bussie
Hi there,

I have just upgraded to the latest beta of OB.

If i remember correctly in old the version of OB there was an option to hide all the desktop icons.
I don't see it in the latest beta of OB.

Is this correct (or don't ik look good) and if this option is no more available, will it be back in the final release of 2.0 or is there another way to hide all the desktop icons?
August 27, 2006 by bussie
I did define a Control Center setup and after rebooting my PC, most sections are gone.

I can see that the controlcenter.obbar and controlcenter.ini are changed after rebooting the PC.

Does anyone know why this happens and how i can solve it?
November 23, 2005 by bussie
All the versions till now from WB5 cause problems on my computer.
First: after installing WB5 the ini-file in which the per application settings are saved is empty
- after some minutes i get corrupted titelbars. Changing the options in WB 5 that must solve this problem don't help
- applications are freezing as soon the problem with the corrupted titblebars is happening
I did reboot after installing.
How can i solve these problems?